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Only 0,2 millimetres till perfect smile!
Self confidence, sympathy of people, attractiveness, charm of women, magnetism of men. These are the constant companions of beautiful and sincere smile.  
White smile that opens an even row of pearl white teethe – it is not likely that somebody might refuse to accept such a gift from destiny. Unfortunately it is a very rare gift and it is not always possible to preserve it. Treatment of the roots channels can lead to unpleasant darkening that can not be treated with traditional whitening. Sometimes we inherit non-perfect  teethe form, traumas leave non-aesthetic splits and chips. But today anyone can join the group these lucky people with perfect teethe. White smile and even row of teethe are available to anyone thanks to modern restoration technologies with the help of Hollywood veneers.
What is concealed under this promising name? 
Hollywood veneers are  very thin but very durable ceramic  shells that are tightly attached to the surface of the tooth. With the help of the veneers it is possible to completely change appearance of your smile and achieve splendid result.  Individual ceramic “petals” are manufactured for each client according to the shape and size of the teeth. Thanks to miniature sizes and very precise matching of the ultra-thin shell (up to hundredth of millimetres)  the patient gets used to the veneer very fast and does not experience any discomfort when wearing them.

Lets see what are the pros of this teeth restoration method: 
1.The thickness of Hollywood veneers is only about 0,2 millimetres, it is much less  than the thickness of traditional veneers which can be up to 2 millimetres thick. This advantage of Hollywood veneers allows you to avoid the necessity to thin of the enamel of the teeth – ultra-thin Hollywood veneers are attached directly to the surface of the teeth without any damage to the enamel and without uncovering dentine. Therefore after some time if the patient wants Hollywood veneers can be removed, but after teeth restoration with traditional veneers there is simply no way back.
2.Lifetime of teeth restoration with Hollywood veneers exceeds 20 years. It is enabled by strong attachment of the veneer to the enamel of the tooth as gripping of the ceramic veneer and enamel is much more strong as gripping of “ceramics-dentine”. Another factor that facilitates long-term life of the Hollywood veneers – the use if the special concrete that is resistant to aggressive environment of mouth and is not dissolved by saliva. High proportion of fluorine facilitates durability of the enamel.
3.Universal applications. Hollywood veneers are not only attached to the  “alive” enamel of the tooth but they also allow to restore aesthetic appearance of the tooth with filling, crown of the tooth, veneers are attached directly to the dentine of the tooth. Of course before restoration a complex treatment of the teeth is done.
1.Naturality. Hollywood veneers allow to solve many aesthetic problems at one and acquire perfect smile. At the same time restoration of beautiful smile is combined with natural result. It is almost impossible to see the difference between real enamel of the tooth and Hollywood veneers unlike light-reflecting fillings. It is achieved thanks to the transparency of the veneers that are hard to distinct from the real enamel of the teeth which is more transparent and reflects light less than fillings. Transparency can be in the range from 0 till 100% that allows to achieve natural result and mask darkened teeth.
2.Fast manufacturing of veneers. Usually only two visits to the dentist with the pause of 3-4 weeks are enough. Additionally to the short restoration time, hollywood veneers have other advantages as well – non-painful attachment and no discomfort or side effects.
Hollywood veneers allow to fix almost any orthodontic and aesthetic defect:
 Recovery of the tooth whiteness in the situations when traditional teeth whitening does not give desired results, for example in cases when pulpless tooth darkens. Ceramic veneers are also irreplaceable in situations when it is necessary to mask dark spots and lines, effect of “tetracycline teeth”. It is possible to achieve desired level of teeth whiteness is possible thanks to many shades if ceramics. Except non-transparent ceramic veneers also non-transparent concrete components are used that allow to avoid non-aesthetic dental discoloration.  Visual correction of uneven row of teeth. Hollywood veneers allow to visually put forward separate teeth, it is achieved by using veneers of different thickness. However veneers are not used in opposite cases -  when teeth are too much put forward (protrusion). It is possible to get rid of non-aesthetic gaps between the teeth thanks to optimal width of the veneers. Protection of the enamel that suffers from pathologically fast abrading. In this situation Hollywood veneers of V-type shape are used, they cover not only frontal part of the tooth but also it also covers the cutting edge of the tooth by reaching palatine part of the tooth. However there are contradictions for such procedure, for example straight occlusion or teeth grinding. Elimination of splits, correction of incorrect shape of the teeth, restoration of aesthetic “facade” of the teeth with fillings that have lost their natural colour. Before applying Hollywood veneers dentist has to make sure that teeth are healthy, filling and crowns are durable, if not they must be replaced. Veneers are barriers against  evolution of caries but to get rid of caries risk it is necessary to conduct careful sanitation and treatment of teeth before applying veneers. Veneers protect against teeth enamel wearing off, but if the patient has bruxism – teeth-grinding at night, or if the patient has straight occlusion it is necessary to get rid of these defects first. No special skills or equipment is needed to treat teeth after applying Hollywood veneers. You only need to brush your teeth regularly, use dental floss, avoid bad habits such as chumping hard items and observing other hygienic rules that you are familiar with since childhood.