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Denture treatment

Dental prosthesis – complicated bio-mechanical construction that is meant to restore the structure and functions of a lost tooth. Modern denture treatment aspires to make prosthesis as similar to the real tooth as possible which is achieved by constantly improving technologies and materials. In every particular situation the denturist has to resolve a very difficult problem – he has to choose the optimal construction that will replace missing teeth and save the present teeth, therefore different dental prosthesis are used.

The quality of denture treatment depends on the qualification of the dentist and dental mechanic and on the equipment used. Modern denture treatment offered by our clinic is a restoration art. This process includes thorough analysis of each situation and precise execution.  Depending on the initial situation of the patient our doctors can offer artistic restoration, when considerably damage tooth is restored, application of thin porcelain plates – veneers, and denture prosthesis of the teeth with the help of  porcelain fused metal or porcelain crowns, or if the the tooth is totally lost – it is restored by tooth implants. When in need of denture treatment the prices of which vary considerably, clients are recommended to acquire  all necessary information as denture treatment is made for years and affects health.