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Teeth treatment

For many of us teeth treatment is a big problem. Appointment at the dentist usually is associated with tortures. But this is only because we hear frightening noises and smell medicine that makes us tremble even before we seat in the chair, in advance we are ready for unbearable pain.

Nowadays the situation is completely different. Teeth treatment is much more pleasant procedure than it was ever before. Fast development of our stomatology and introduction of modern means, methods, technologies in diagnostics and preventive care, and treating teeth and mouth cavity diseases have allowed to reach a totally new level of quality that corresponds to the level of west stomatology.

Teeth treatment in our clinic will be absolutely painless and comfortable process. Home-like and cosy atmosphere at our clinic will not  leave you indifferent. Modern diagnostics methods will help to find in time and treat such problems as cariess, periodontitis, parodontosis. You can forget all your fears that your consciousness creates in anticipation of long and painful treatment process.  Thanks to high qualifications of our doctors and modern anaesthesia that is used during treatment process you will forget about the pain.   You almost won't notice the process of teeth treatment. You do not have to waste time in waiting queues as you can make a prior appointment with a doctor at a convenient time.  Therefore there is no need to postpone the visit to the dentist as minor changes can be fixed during one visit. But even if you think that your situation is difficult and advanced our professional specialists and modern technologies will help to solve your problem. In this section we will tell you about modern treatment methods and alternatives. We will tell you about teeth diseases, such as cariess, pulpitis, periodontitis, enamel defects and complication. You will find information about modern materials for fillings and modern diagnostics methods, and new anaesthesia methods that will allow to perform even the most complicated procedures easy and without any pain.