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Teeth and mouth cavity hygiene

The teeth and gums are created by the nature in order to sustain work load during chewing the food. They are highly influenced by the food that we eat. If you do not observe the hygiene of the mouth cavity you can loose all your teeth even if they were perfect. Affected teeth can become the reason for serious complications. Hygiene of the mouth cavity is vital for health of your teeth. Unfortunately not everybody knows how to brush teeth in a proper way, which toothpastes are necessary and many other important aspects that are connected with the health of the teeth and mouth cavity. But even people that have necessary skills in dental plaque removal and in the hygiene of the mouth cavity are recommended to visit dentist at least ones every 6 months.

Teeth hygiene – is a professional cleaning of the teeth by removing tooth  stones and evening the surface of the root that prevents dental plaque from forming. Professional cleaning of the teeth is very important as in the tissues of parodentium a chronic inflammation process can develop that will inevitably end in the lost tooth. Professional cleaning of the teeth is recommended to prevent  tooth decay, periodontitis, remove unpleasant smell, prevent bleeding gums (periodontitis), remive tooth plaque that forms from consuming food and drinks that have colouring ferments (tee, coffee, beet, carrot etc.) and smoking. Such teeth hygiene is totally safe. It does not damage enamel of the teeth, fillings or prosthesis.

Teeth hygiene (professional cleaning) includes:  

  • Removal of teeth stone;
  • Removal of soft residual;
  • Removal of tooth plaque (from coffee, tee or nicotine);
  • Consultation with a specialists
  • Fluorine coverage.

After removing tooth plaque teeth are polished with polishing pastes that include calcium and fluorine to foster the enamel of the teeth, to protect teeth the fluorine coverage is applied that gives the healthy shine for the teeth.

Teeth hygiene is the foundation of your teeth health!