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SV Centr is an advanced and rapidly developing dental clinic. Here you can receive professional help in numerous areas of dentistry. Excellent equipment, unique dentistry technologies, competent specialists and pleasant atmosphere allow us to gain recognition and affection of our patients. Your comfort is our paramount priority.

The patients' attendance is conducted by our qualified Doctors of Medicine. The doctors of SV Centr clinic continuously improve their skills and proficiency. A healthy and beautiful smile has always been considered a key to good health and well-being of its owner. Not everyone can be proud of the natural health of his/her teeth.

The materials applied in the field of dentistry have also been significantly improved.  SV Centr dental actively introduces new dental caries care methods, such as state-of-the-art technologies make which it possible to realize dental care with the minimal dental enamel destruction.

The work of our dental clinic is based on an individual approach to each patient.  Depending on the pathology present and the reason for its occurrence, a strictly individual complex treatment plan is developed.  In their work, SV Centr dental clinic doctors apply the newest equipment the clinic is supplied with, as well as the most advanced and high-quality materials.

In our clinic, we pay special attention to the field of preventive dentistry. Our hygienists professionally clean the patients' teeth and train the patients in oral care. SV Centr dental clinic comprises high-level treatment, experienced and attentive staff, reasonable prices and warranty for the works conducted.

Our dental clinic provides an accessible environment for the functionally impaired persons.